Incudine follows the SBCL VOP style for optional VUG spec's: each spec is a list beginning with a keyword indicating the interpretation of the other forms in the spec.

A :GENERATOR spec is not necessary, the body after the specs is the body of the VUG/UGEN/DSP.

The optional :DEFAULTS spec is used to provide the default values for VUG & co. The related functions (or macros) are defined with DEFUN* (or DEFMACRO*), therefore the arguments are optional keywords.

A minimal example:

(in-package :scratch)

(define-vug buzz* (freq amp (nh fixnum))
  (:defaults 110 .3 (+ 1 (random 10)))
  (buzz freq amp nh))

(define-vug-macro sine* (freq amp)
  (:defaults 440 .3)
  `(sine ,freq ,amp 0))

(define-ugen resonz* sample (in fcut q)
  (:defaults 0 2000 100)
  (resonz in fcut q))

(dsp! habemus-defaults (amp (nh fixnum) res)
  (:defaults .3 20 3.9)
  (vuglet ((lp (in fcut res)
             (:defaults 0 1000 0)
             (moogff in fcut res nil))
           (hp (in fcut)
             (:defaults 0 8000)
             (butter-hp in fcut))
           (noise ()
             (white-noise amp)))
    (out (+ (lp (noise) :res res)
            (hp (noise))
            (resonz* (noise)))
         (+ (buzz* :nh nh)
            (sine* :amp amp)))))

SCRATCH> (rt-start)

SCRATCH> (habemus-defaults)

:DEFAULTS also works with DSP-DEBUG and UGEN-DEBUG:

(funcall (dsp-debug foo (amp) (:defaults .3) (out (white-noise amp))))

(with-open-file (f "/tmp/dsp-debug.cudo" :direction :output
                 :if-exists :supersede)
  (funcall (dsp-debug foo (amp)
             (:defaults .3)
             (out (white-noise amp)))
           :debug-stream f))

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